Download WhatsApp APK v2.18.358 (Official Latest Version)

WhatsApp APK Download: Now, Who needs an introduction to WhatsApp? Everyone knows what WhatsApp is. And, we all have used it at least once after we bought our Android device. Now, you are looking for WhatsApp APK download link, right?

For those who are just learning about the WhatsApp features, We, at 7Downloads suggest that you should check how to create WhatsApp account first. Or if you are an advanced user already, you might be interested to learn to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone.

And for an added bonus, we also have some information and an APK file for GB WhatsApp APK and WhatsApp Plus APK.

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WhatsApp APK Download

NameWhatsApp 2.18.358Size31.9 MBRequirementAndroid 4.0.3AuthorWhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp Official Download Link

Alternative Download Link

How to Download and Install WhatsApp APK

Don’t worry! You are going to get the same from this page. I know you face constant issues with Google Play or you may hate installing apps directly from it. As I said earlier, I will give you a link to download the latest APK file for WhatsApp.

Step 1. Go to your device Security Settings and enable “Unknown Sources.” This will allow you to install apps from third parties.

Step 2. Click the WhatsApp APK download button above. If the official download link will not work on your device, you can use the alternative link we provided for you.

Step 3. After downloading, just open the app and continue on installing until it is completed.

In case you want to secure your WhatsApp app, you might want to safeguard it with a password. To do this, try the AppLock APK for an added security feature for your smartphone. you can also share this application with your friends using SHAREit APK or Xender APK.

Features of WhatsApp

You can read the important features of WhatsApp below.

#1. Free Calling

Have you ever wished for free calling option on an IM app just like the one from Facebook’s Messenger for PC and other mobile platforms? Here it comes! You can use WhatsApp to call anybody. The only requirement is the person supposed to be at the other end should also use WhatsApp. As WhatsApp is an insanely common app, I don’t think you will find issues regarding this.

#2. WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is another impressive feature. You can’t always use your phone. For the same reason, you may miss some important message, especially when the phone is in silent mode.

But WhatsApp web shows the messages on your browser. You don’t have to install a third-party app for the same. Simply visit That’s it. With WhatsApp Web, you can Use WhatsApp on PC too, Check it right now.

#3. Convenient Group Chat

Sometimes, you have to create groups. Say you are running a company and, you have multiple team members. In this case, you should have a group on the WhatsApp platform to convey the common messages with all the team members at once.

WhatsApp is the best channel for that. You can create a group, add members, change the name and icon like a walk in the park. But there is a limit of 100 members. Means, you can’t accommodate more than 100 members in a group. However, you can follow our method to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. This will give you some more freedom.

#4. Always Logged In

You just read it right! There are no username havocs and, password chaos. You will always be logged in. Whenever you want to send a message or a media file, all you have to do is opening the app and, doing the same. You don’t need to login or enter your credential. Ever!

#5. Offline Access

I am not saying you can send and receive messages without a working internet pack or connection. When you receive a message and, you miss the notification for it, WhatsApp will save it so that, you can access it later even without an active internet connection. You need the connection to download the media content, though.


I hope you downloaded WhatsApp APK using the link above. In case you don’t, go ahead and download. Don’t forget to install the app as well. If you have any queries regarding this, use the comment section down below to let me know about it.

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